FG Carbide Bur: Precision Dental Instrument


FG carbide burs
The FG carbide bur is a specialized dental tool designed for precision dental work. It features a shank (ISO 314) with a diameter of 1.6mm, making it compatible with all high-speed handpieces. This dental bur is produced using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology sourced from Germany.

The manufacturing process involves laser welding, ensuring a secure and durable bond for reliable performance. Notably, all FG carbide burs undergo automated production using CNC grinding machines. This advanced technology ensures consistent and precise shaping of the bur's cutting surfaces.

The use of German raw materials and technology in the production of these dental burs speaks to the commitment to quality and precision. This FG carbide bur is crafted to meet the exacting standards of dental professionals, providing them with a reliable tool for various dental procedures.

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