Laboratory Carbide Burs

Laboratory Carbide Burs

Laboratory carbide bur Selection:

The first step in selecting the proper burr is to pick the best shape and cut style.

  • Selection of shape and diameter should be based on the work piece, and the operation to be performed.
  • Ours dental carbide burs have nearly 200 basic styles: please find the label of PRODUCT and read more styles there.
  • Generally speaking, there are 12 basic flutes marked with different color belts so that users can select the exact dental carbide burs quickly and easily.

  • Selection of cut would be based on the material, and finish required.
  1. Black color: Extra coarse
    Plaster, Thermoplastics, Tray material, Epoxy models, Heat and self curing acrylics
  2. Green color: Coarse
    Cobalt chrome alloys, Heat, self and light curing acrylics, Tough acrylics,
  3. Blue color: Medium
    Cobalt chrome alloys, Non precious alloys, Precious alloys, Semi-precious alloys, Precious alloys
  4. Red color: Fine
    (1)Double cut for Cobalt chrome alloys, Non precious alloys, Semi-precious alloys, Precious alloys, Composites
    (2)Double cut with titanium coating for Non-sintered zirconia and the above usage by double cut.
    (3)Single cut for Precious alloys
    (4)Diamond cut for titanium, Cobalt chrome alloys, non precious alloys
  5. Yellow color: Super fine
    (1)Double cut for non precious alloys, Semi-precious alloys, Precious alloys, Composites
    (2)Chip breaker cut for titanium, Composites
  6. White color: Ultra fine
    Precious alloys, Tough acrylic veneers, Titanium
The second step in selecting the right tungsten carbide grade.

We have 2 kinds of different carbide grades named K25 and K20 for carbide burrs. K25 grade is most popular material for our customers over the world.

The last step in selecting the surface coating for tungsten carbide burs.
  • Titanium coating: it will make the tools longer life
  • TiAlN coating: it will make the tools super longer life.
  • Golden coating: it will make burs looks shine like gold
  • Silver white coating: it make the burs seems like sliver white color. Very shine.
  • The color of itself
For other types of Laboratory carbide cutter, we can make production according to your special demands.