Tungsten carbide burs

Syndent is your best carbide burr manufacturer. We produce tungsten carbide burr with YG7 grade carbide material.

What is YG7 carbide?
YG7 Carbide is the hardest material next to diamonds and will outlast high speed steel cutters.

Carbide burs (carbide burrs) are small cutting tools used for cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, and material removal on hard materials.

Applications: weld preparation, weld smoothing, deburring, chamfering, deflashing, and scale removal, wood carving, farriers, metalsmithing, sculpting, welding, chamfering, jewelry manufacturing, die casting, and metal casting.

We provide a wide variety of high-quality carbide burrs. All carbide burrs are made by modern CNC. With our precise producing procedure control, we can supply you high quality products with great price.

Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and work in high speed to get the precise cutting edges.
Our tungsten carbide burs are manufactured to meet your demands, you can also specify other cutters according to your demands.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.

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