Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Firstly, SYNDENT TOOLS company will comly with the law of environmental protection of China and United Nations Environment Programme.

Many kinds of abrasive grinding tools will rotary in high speed when working. Safety and health will be the most important needs for the operator.
As one of the leading manufacturer of surface grinding tools, we keep focus on this point from the raw material sourcing to manufacturing process until packaging.

Besides the strict demands of safety and health, we also pay much more attention on the environmental protection.

Syndent always deserve to the developing of high efficient grinding tools. We source the better and better raw materail. And we try to improve the technique of manufacturing day by day. So that we can make the longer tool life and sharper tools. That would help the end users complete the job easily based on less energy consumption, shorter time and smaller dust creation. Meanwhile, we can decrease the emmission that may cause the air pollution.

As one company, it is our responsiblity to teach our workers how to minimize the damage to the natural environment. There is training every some time. We will try to make all of SYNDENT workers understood that we are not only the workers but also the protector of natural environment. It is our goal to make everybody of our company formed the green awareness.