Clinical Carbide Burs

Clinical Carbide Burs

FG Carbide Bur Selection:
The first step in selecting the proper burr is to pick the best shape and cut style.

  • Selection of shape and diameter should be based on the work piece, and the operation to be performed.
  • Generally speaking, they can be used for both dental, Jewellery and windshield reparation.
  • Burs have 8 basic shapes:

  • There are 12 kinds of standard styles for your choices as following:

  • Besides the above standard types, we have the following special purpose carbide burs
    metal cutting carbide burs: FG1931, FG1932, FG1957, FG1958, FG2057
    amalgam preparation carbide burs: FG245, FG246
    scaling carbide burs: FG flame, FG perio
    trimming and finishing carbide burs: TF7901, TF7902, TF7903, TF7611, TF7612, TF7613
    TF7114, TF7214, TF7714, TF7204, TF7205

    The second step in selecting the right shank size for the carbide burs.

  • For this kind of dental carbide burs, we have 7 kinds of shank as following for your selection. FGSS, FG, FG long head, FG surgical, RA, RA surgical, HP shank.
     Name   ISO   Diameter   Length
     FGSS  313  1.60mm
     FG  314  1.60mm
     FG L  315  1.60mm
     FG SURG  316  1.60mm
     RA  204  2.35mm
     RA SURG(25)  206  2.35mm
     RA SURG(34)  206  2.35mm
     HP  104  2.35mm