Dental carbide burs manufacturers

We have the wide ranges of carbide burs in the world.

We make the best rotary carbide tools.

As one professional rotary carbide tools company, we have developed and expanded into a full range of bur products to meet the requirements of different end users and distributors.

We have wide ranges of carbide burs in the world, mainly for industrial, manufacturing industry, dental industry and nail beauty.

Main Product:

Carbide burrs

, Tungsten carbide burrs, Diamond burs, Dental instruments, Nail bits.
Rotary Carbide Tools

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Tungsten Carbide Burs

Syndent is your premier manufacturer of carbide burr, specializing in the production of high-quality tungsten carbide burs.We produce tungsten carbide burr with YG7 grade carbide material.,ensuring exceptional cutting performance and durability.

Dental Burs

We have nearly 200 types of hard alloy burs, including the most popular shapes. These are primarily used in fields such as dental laboratories, nail beauty, jewelry and diamond cutting, mold design, gemstones, and podiatry.

Nail Burs and Polisher

We offer a wide range of beauty nail clippers, trendy nail sets, Nail carbide burs, and polishers. Additionally, we provide specialized nail care kits with OEM services available to meet your specific requirements.

Industrial Abrasives

Industrial abrasives are a crucial component of metalworking processes and serve as essential tools in sanding, polishing, grinding, and various other forms of surface treatment.

We have 25 distributors worldwide.

Sales is made through our trading partners as well as directly to industrial and medical end-users.
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