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We are one of the pioneer and market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of abrasive tools in China with the ISO, MPA and CE certificate. We have the wide ranges of carbide burs in the world. Our company were established in China since 1996. The company was founded by 3 persons. They worked in state owned enterprise seventeen years ago and acted as manager for technology, mechanical and sales. They left this company after enterprise reform. SYNDENT Company was formed since then.

Silicon rubber wheels and points - Best Dental Burs

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Silicone rubber wheels and points

  • This kind of products are named rubber polisher. We also call them silicon polisher or dental rubber polisher.
  • Made with Japanese rubber, silicon and aluminum oxides
  • Silicon rubber wheels and points designed to cut and polish, semi precious, precious alloys, ceramics and porcelain.
The Silicon rubber wheels and points is specifically designed to meet our customers’ most demanding needs, as its service-friendly design provides reliable performance and high quality. We have the expertise and longevity that leads to customer satisfaction with our work. You will not go wrong if you choose us for your Silicon rubber wheels and points needs. Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill your Silicon rubber wheels and points supply needs. We appreciate your business!