SYNDENT Tools Co., Ltd

We are one of the pioneer and market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of abrasive tools in China with the ISO, MPA and CE certificate. We have the wide ranges of carbide burs in the world. Our company were established in China since 1996. The company was founded by 3 persons. They worked in state owned enterprise seventeen years ago and acted as manager for technology, mechanical and sales. They left this company after enterprise reform. SYNDENT Company was formed since then.

Dental separating disc - Best Dental Burs Manufacturer

In addition to providing the best products possible, SYNDENT Tools Co., Ltd stands behind their products by providing the best technical support and customer service in the industry.

Separating disc

  • This kind of products are dental separating dsic. We also call them dental cutting disc.
  • Special dual bonded resin bond material ensures maximum durability and performance.
  • Each product is designed for specific purpose according to their characteristics
  • Mainly for precious alloy, ceramic and other metals in the dental Lab.
Our adherence to the timely and safe delivery of our fine quality Dental separating disc has enabled us to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our existing clients. The Dental separating disc that we offer maintains unquestionably reliable and fool-proof standards. We provide services to quench the market demand with full competency, thereby treating our customers with complete satisfaction and convenience. We have the expertise and longevity that leads to customer satisfaction with our work. You will not go wrong if you choose us for your Dental separating disc needs.