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We are one of the pioneer and market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of abrasive tools in China with the ISO, MPA and CE certificate. We have the wide ranges of carbide burs in the world. Our company were established in China since 1996. The company was founded by 3 persons. They worked in state owned enterprise seventeen years ago and acted as manager for technology, mechanical and sales. They left this company after enterprise reform. SYNDENT Company was formed since then.

Good Producer Bristle polishing brush Supplier

Our range includes Bristle polishing brush and Bristle polishing brush in a variety of high-reliability, high performance interconnects styles, and industry standard interconnect.
Bristle polishing brush

Bristle polishing brush

  • This kind of products are named dental polishing brush. We also call them robinson brush.
  • Made with high quality natural bristle material
  • HP shank, ISO 104

Specification :

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Figure Item No. Material Size(mm) Additional
A010125 Black bristle 25.4*4 HP shank mounted
A010122 22*4 HP shank mounted
B010122 22*4 Not mounted
A010119 19*4 HP shank mounted
A010117 17.4*4 HP shank mounted
A010114 14.2*4 HP shank mounted
B020122 White bristle 22*4 Not mounted
B080122 White bristle 22*4 Not mounted
K010122 Black bristle 22*4 HP shank mounted
K020122 White bristle 22*4 HP shank mounted
C010122 Black bristle 22 HP shank mounted
C010119 19 HP shank mounted
A021428 Tree wire 28*4 HP shank mounted
A021425 25*4 HP shank mounted
A021422 22*4 HP shank mounted
D0214 Tree wire   HP shank mounted

Applications :

The brushes are designed for cleaning and polishing of denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, and for general laboratory polishing applications. These dental polishing brushes are also excel at applying polishing materials and at polishing of lab-processed composites, metal and ceramic crowns.

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